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The Best Diet In The World?

Many in the past have claimed the secret to it; many have disproved it, and many still tout the idea that it might just exist. But does it? Well, actually it does, but perhaps not as you imagined…

In all my writings over the years on diet and exercise, my main focus has been to encourage people to develop their own intuition about what’s right and what’s wrong for them, and it’s in the field of developing intuition that the ‘best diet’ can be found…

Have you ever decided on an new eating plan, promising yourself faithfully that you will stick to it no matter what? At first, the excitement of a new, healthy you is enough to keep up the motivation, but when results start to drop off, or you just get sick and tired of eating the same foods, it can all go wrong. At this point it’s very easy to give up and hit the pizza and beer again – or whatever your particular weaknesses are.

After a couple of cycles of this sort of behaviour, it’s very easy to just give up on ever finding any solution, which not only affects your physical health, but your self-esteem as well.

However, the truth is that there is no one diet that will keep anybody in perfect physical health. We need extreme flexibility in our diets to bend and change our eating as needed, with the change of the seasons, with different bodily imbalances, with activity levels, with age, and with many other factors.

The ideal situation would be to close our eyes every morning, or before every meal, and just listen to our bodies to see what they need. Well, this is actually possible, but for most of us, after a lifetime of bad eating, bad diet information and the effects of food cravings/allergies, we need a little help to get so beautifully in touch with ourselves.

This is where Ayurveda comes to the rescue. Ayurveda is the Indian science of self-healing and covers all aspects of diet, health and everything else you need. It uses a very comprehensive body typing system, and once you know your particular body type and your imbalances, you can start to train your own intuition to tell you directly what your body needs to keep it in perfect health. It’s a sort of a kickstart, if you like; a leg-up to developing your own intuition where all of this will become second nature. A basic knowledge of Ayurveda can fine tune your decisions about what to eat from the greatest dietitian there is – the planet. The panet knows best and always gives us what we need locally, and in season.

At last you will be able to get rid of the notion of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in planning your future health. At any given time many foods will be useful to you, and at another time, a completely different set of foods or food combinations might provide the answer. As your body responds favourably to the wonderful healing effects of correct food, so your cravings will change, and soon your own body will be the only diet coach you need.

There are many great theories out there, if you can only pick the right time to use them. For example, instead of wondering which is the best out of these great concepts: paleo, fasting, juicing, raw food, alkaline food, food combining etc, you can start to view them as individual tools and use them at the appropriate times, in just the same way as sometimes you might need a screwdriver, and sometimes a spanner (or both…) to cure a fault in a car engine.

And don’t lose sight of the end goal – that the body should be an instrument of pleasure and when it’s strong and fit, just like when your car is running great, go out and enjoy it, and forget about fixing it for a while!

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Originally posted 2014-02-09 13:52:26.

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