Starting Carnivory – All You Need To Know In 69 FAQs


Starting carnivory can be a bit daunting until you realise how incredibly simple it actually is. This 45 page ebook will give everyone starting this magical way of eating a head start and dispel some of the myths about carnivory and the doubts people face.

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“Nice Q&A, Phil!” Shawn Baker

Starting carnivory can be a bit daunting until you realise how incredibly simple it actually is. This ebook will give everyone starting this magical way of eating a head start and dispel some of the myths about carnivory and the doubts people face. I get asked the same questions over and over again. At the end of 2018,  I thought I’d put together 69 FAQs to give you an easy reference for everything you need to know.

“If you’re considering beginning a carnivore diet, this is a clear, concise and safe road map to follow with distilled wisdom from the best sources in the field.” Paul Mabry M.D, The Zero Carb Doc

As well as hopefully answering most of the common questions newcomers to the diet might ask, I also address some of the objections you might face from concerned or outraged friends, family and vegans who think that you will be destroying your health and the planet with this “crazy” behaviour.

The “Starting Carnivory” ebook can be read on any device that supports viewing PDF documents. 69 questions are answered across 45 pages, which include clickable links to videos and research reports for further reading.

At purchase, you will be directed to an order  confirmation page where you can download the ebook. A further confirmation email will give you a download link.

We think this book is a great product and an informative guide to starting a carnivore diet and assessing the benefits. If you are not happy that is delivers the information that you are looking for, we’ll give you your money back – no questions asked.



The 69 Questions

1. What can I actually eat?
2. How much and how often should I eat?
3. What can I snack on?
4. Will I get all the nutrients I need?
5. What about fibre?
6. Will I lose weight on a carnivore diet?
7. Do I need to eat grass fed meat exclusively?
8. Isn’t it expensive to eat like this?
9. Isn’t eating only meat boring?
10. Do I need organ meats or fish?
11. Do I need bone broth?
12. How do I cook my meat?
13. What about eating raw meat?
14. Won’t I get food poisoning or parasites from raw meat?
15. Which fats can I use for cooking?
16. Are eggs safe?
17. What about dairy?
18. Isn’t meat carcinogenic?
19. Won’t all that saturated fat clog my arteries?
20. Will carnivory make my cholesterol go up?
21. But why did my doctor tell me to eat a “balanced” diet?
22. Will I need supplements?
23. Is this a high protein diet?
24. Will I be in ketosis?
25. What about dental health and will I get bad breath?
26. Where do I get my energy if I don’t eat carbs?
27. Isn’t too much meat/protein bad for the kidneys?
28. Doesn’t too much fat give you gallstones?
29. Is it safe to feed my kids a carnivore diet?
30. Can I eat a carnivore diet when pregnant?
31. Should everyone eat this way?
32. But how come my parents/grandparents didn’t eat a carnivore diet but were healthy?
33. What’s wrong with plants? Everyone knows vegetables are good for you! 34. What about local, seasonal fruit?
35. But I can eat mushrooms, right?
36. What about this new lab grown meat?
37. Can I use herbs and spices?
38. What about salt?
39. What do I do about cravings?
40. I am vegetarian and can’t bear the thought of eating meat! It’s so unspiritual too! How can I get around this?
41. I’m vegan. When I used to eat meat, I was sick. Veganism made me feel much better. Why change?
42. My blood type is A. Can I still eat meat?
43. I’m pretty healthy though. Why should I try carnivory?
44. What can I drink?
45. What about tea and coffee?
46. What about alcohol?
47. I have started carnivory and I have headaches/cramps/brain fog/constipation/ low energy.
48. What do I eat when out and about/working?
49. Will carnivory reverse my type 2 diabetes?
50. Will carnivory reverse my type 1 diabetes?
51. Will carnivory reverse my autoimmunity?
52. Will carnivory reverse my cancer?
53. Will carnivory do anything for my depression/anxiety/bipolar etc?
54. Won’t carnivory destroy my thyroid?
55. Doesn’t red meat cause gout?
56. Will carnivory stop my allergies?
57. Will carnivory improve my sex life?
58. What about fasting?
59. Isn’t this just another fad diet?
60. But it’s not proven. Where are the studies?
61. But didn’t the Inuit and the Maasai have heart disease and die young?
62. How come Asian people eat a lot of rice but they are seldom overweight?
63. What about the blue zones where the people who live longest ate mostly vegetarian diets?
64. What about vegan bodybuilders and athletes?
65. What about exercise?
66. Can I build muscle on a carnivore diet?
67. What about sustainability? You can’t feed the whole planet on beef!
68. What about animal cruelty?
69. Don’t cattle cause climate change due to methane production?


  1. Elisabeth Sommerdorf

    how much is shipping to colorado? thank you.

    • Martin Franklin

      Hi Elisabeth,
      Starting Carnivory is currently an ebook. It is downloadable from the site as soon as you complete your purchase. No shipping costs.

  2. Baldrian O’Keefe

    What format is the ebook? Can I read it on an Amazon Kindle?

    • Phil Escott

      Sorry… it’s not on Amazon. It’s easy to download and read though. 🙂

      • Mickie Flynn

        Will your book ever come out in paperback?

        • Phil Escott

          I don’t think so, Mickie. It’s a bit short really to bother with printing. I do have a couple of books on Amazon though if you put my name in, and we have one and another soon to be published at though. 🙂

  3. Lynda Poysor

    Hello. Just wanted to say how much I admire and appreciate all your hard work. Please, never quit and never give up; you are one of our few heroes. Thank you.

    • Phil Escott

      That is so kind of you, Lynda. Thank you so much! 🙂

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