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dvd-cover-388-300x299About Hanna Somatics

Somatic exercises are simple, slow movements done comfortably on the floor. They sequentially unwind holding patterns in the body through awareness and movement.

The practice of Somatic movement can help all who wish to improve the quality of their lives. Most come to this work because they have pain, but with some regular practice the pain goes away and a sense of ease is restored to everyday movement.

In a short period of time, and with daily practice, our clients feel empowered to manage their own pain without being dependent on a practitioner. The common conditions that are helped by this work are; low back pain, disc problems, sacroilliac pain, frozen shoulder, upper back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, hip pain, knee ligaments tear or strain, headaches, scoliosis, TMJ syndrome, and whiplash.

A Somatic educator will not diagnose your condition; they will teach you to restore balance in the neuromuscular system, which is often the primary cause of many of these pain syndromes. Somatic movement education is a system of neuromuscular education that allows more ease and freedom of movement in our bodies. It teaches us to recognize and release chronic pain patterns resulting from injury, stress, repetitive motion strain, or habituated postures.



“This intense Somatic training has been an inspiring experience, a remarkable journey into rediscovering the joy of being alive. The teaching was clear, concise and effective. The training opened up into a deeper dimension of insights and experience of “the living body” as a functional unity where body and mind merge. After 16 years of practising different approaches to body work, I have found a straightforward, well-grounded, effective technique. I can clearly perceive how this learning experience is not only an asset at the personal level but also for my clients as it is work that empowers the receiver, putting them back at the “driver’s seat” of their life.”  – Joan Sala, Spanish
Therapist, Body Worker, Author “Awareness Through the Body”
Specializing in: Postural Reeducation, Spinal alignment, Shiatsu, Pranic Healing.

“This training has been extremely valuable to me for my personal growth and awareness. I feel as if it has made me, not only more conscious of my body and its holding patterns, but also more aware of how my body’s stiffness is constraining my mind and my whole being. The movements have worked on my whole neural system, expanding my awareness and making me a more integrated being. I feel more open and expanded to the world and less confined in my body, mind and spiritual awareness. I would call it more a practical guide to enlightenment than a set of physical exercises.”  – Pratima Mumford Septhon, English

“Brian has all the qualities I look for in a teacher: passion, integrity, authenticity, skill and a sincere desire to teach so that others can benefit. I found Somatics profoundly transformative, yet incredibly simple, practical, and accessible. It’s like someone turned a light on in the parts of me that were asleep. The practice plugs me into a sense of spaciousness, freedom, and innocence and potential. It helps me both access my centre and stay there in a way I haven’t experienced before.”  – Lisa Peterson, 
yoga teacher.

“I have practiced various mind/body disciplines for 42 years – yoga, tai chi, and qigong. Even with these practices I felt my body was losing its elasticity and range of motion. I believed I simply needed to come to terms with aging. After working with Brian Ingle not only have I regained my former range of motion, I can move in ways that are more free and integrated than ever before. Brian showed me simple daily practices that continue to deepen that integration, plus, if I strain a muscle or ligament, I can now heal and rebalance it myself. Brian is a deeply knowledgeable, committed, and brilliant teacher. He treats his students with compassion and respect. If you have a chance to work with him, I recommend that you seize the opportunity. Your body and mind will thank you for years to come.  – Stephen Josephs, Ed.D.
Executive coach and consultant
Co-author of Leadership Agility: Five Levels of Mastery for Anticipating and Initiating Change.

“This work is an incredible gift, a gentle practice that provides empowerment to heal and be well in your soma (body/mind experience). Over the last two years I have been working with Brian Ingle and I cannot recommend him and his work enough. The healing that took place, and the absence of chronic pains that I had previously experienced for years is remarkable. The empowerment I feel in being able to heal and feel well in my body is liberating. Brian is a real master of this practice and a gifted teacher combining his experience as an osteopath, yoga teacher, and Somatic movement educator. He brings love, heart, and presence into his work, which provides a beautiful space for deep learning to happen. For me, the true beauty of this work is that the movements are effortless and the focus is on awareness; it is through presence and consciousness that profound healing takes place and wellness reveals itself.”  – Bharat Mitra (L), Founder & President Organic India.

“After the somatic movement session my body felt warmer and my energy channels opened as if there was a ‘flow’ in my body. My shoulders felt like they had come to know their natural resting place for the first time in years. I felt that the area around my neck and shoulders had ‘lost their weight’. My breath evened out and my voice came back into its natural place, much deeper than I generally know it to be. Generally I felt grounded and at ease with myself, and after the session, while walking home, I noticed how my mind had cleared. I was very impressed with the work, especially considering how simple the exercises really are. I feel that by working with awareness and movement my body could find its natural alignment again, and from this I experienced a sense of deep relaxation. I now practice the somatic exercises at home and find them easy, short and very effective.”  – Myrna Vnderzee, counsellor.


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