Imogen is a spiritual mentor, shaktipat giver and writer. She focuses on integrating, accepting and embracing all aspects of the human experience, bringing the lofty ideals and concepts of ‘spiritual attainment’ back down to a grounded experience of Self.

Imogen was raised as a TM meditator with the understanding that ‘everything is consciousness’. Even though she never self-identified as a spiritual seeker she spent most of her life living and working within the TM organisation. After the death of her closest friend she found herself reevaluating all aspects of her life. This inevitably turned into an earnest spiritual search, leaving the TM organisation and moving into the contemporary nondual type teachings.

She had a brief but profound spiritual awakening and went on to spend a year at Mooji’s ashram in Portugal, still searching for the peace and freedom that she was looking for. While this was a beautiful time for her it also brought to light the difficulties of spiritual organisations that she had already seen in her days with the TM organisation.

Upon leaving the ashram the fulfilment of her search finally came about through a single Shaktipat transmission that she skeptically received after seeing the undeniable and dramatic change in her husband six months prior, also from a Shaktipat transmission. Although this was the end of any searching, or searcher, she found this wasn’t the end of the work as she went through a period of intense integration, processing and healing both physically and emotionally.

Two years later she and her husband trained to be ‘givers’ of the same Shaktipat transmission that they had received. However not long after this they parted ways with the organisation having realised that while spiritual transmission is still a powerful tool, being a part of an organisation was not an option for them anymore.

Now finding herself the least ‘spiritual’ she’s ever been and intolerant to spiritual concepts and posturing, she has recognised the need for the down-to-earth spiritual exploration. She encourages fully the transgressing of the conditioning and concepts held up in spiritual organisations and authorities so that every individual can ultimately discover and stand in their own Truth. That alongside a healthy does of Grace in the form of Shaktipat – contradictory you might say, but such is life!

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