Tristan Haggard is a life long independent researcher, with a unique focus on the intersection of diet, culture, and global politics. He is a prominent voice in Ketogenic and Carnivore diet communities and brings people into greater realms of health and wellness across the world.

As the founder of Primal Edge Health, he cuts through the she-said, he-saids of dietary confusion and teaches practical strategies for real life implementation and long-term success. Tristan hosts the “Eat Meat Make Families” live streams and interviews where he discusses about the importance of animal husbandry for our health, heritage, and economy with some of the most innovative and thoughtful minds of our time.

Known for his deep introspective dive into many territories, he skillfully articulates the woes of modern society and presents inspiring, meaningful solutions with a holistic approach to food, lifestyle, and worldview. It is his mission to help others reclaim their health and quality of life. for cookbooks and coaching
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