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Episode 05: Holley Reeves

Episode 05: Holley Reeves

From her health issues as a child and adolescent through to reinventing herself as a healer after a near death experience, Holley gives a fascinating account of her life and work.

Subjects covered include her journey from vegan to raw carnivore, iodine protocols, kundalini awakening, the importance of emotional and spiritual balance and her work now as a healer/shaman using her incredible perception and psychic abilities… This is a wonderful interview. Enjoy…

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  1. kate
    August 24, 2019

    great podcast

  2. Andreas Pontvik
    August 29, 2019

    This correlates to my experience so well hoho… Have still not found a form to really get to helping healing people though, unlcear why. Feels good to hear some of it, given that most of the information out there on diet would heavily oppose a high protein diet, as seems to be what is needed for proper grounding. would not work the same with cooked animal protein though that kinda hurts.
    But without it it gets difficult maintaining proper grounding if i am to move around the world of people… :O
    Bless yall.

    • Phil Escott
      August 29, 2019

      Well, none of the keto or carnivore diets are high protein – they are high fat. Animal protein only hurts during the adaptation phase because our guts are so damaged from plants. Persevere. 🙂


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