Bobby Risto is a bodybuilder, world traveller, psychedelic adventurer, ex-vegan turned carnivore YouTuber with an extraordinary story to tell.

Here are his own words…

I’m in my early 20s living in Germany, partying my ass of abusing/selling drugs and seeing multiple girls in the rave scene, living a “material lifestyle”. I hate that description because we all live a material life, but that’s a topic on it’s own. One day all of the fun comes to an end, and a mysterious accumulation of events leads to the total destruction of my health. I suffer from an unidentifiable autoimmune disorder basically overnight – inflammation, fever, lymph infection and if that isn’t enough I break my dick, totally coked out.

From there I fall into a deep depression. I go to all kinds of doctors. Western medicine fails, so I go to alternative healers, acupuncture, therapies of all kinds, and everything fails. My friend is telling me about Shamans in the jungle and how they heal people, but I laugh it off as mumbo jumbo, drug talk.

Fast forward to the moment that my health declined to such an extent that I’m partly parylsed and suicidally depressed, and I finally get the chance to experience mushrooms for the first time in my life. I overdose completely, take over 30 dried grams, die the ego death, experience total disorientation, die, get reborn, and miraculously, 90% of my physical symptoms are gone. This “bad trip” makes me appreciate life, and I decide to stick around for a bit longer. After that, I make it my mission to “HEAL”. I am here on “borrowed time,” I say, and I will never do anything that I don’t fully love again.

I dive into psychedelics heavily, and this is where I “learn” about the concepts of nondual realities, oneness, god consciousness etc. “Veganism” becomes interesting. I decide to “kill Bobby”, totally dissolve the ego, so equipped with KILOS of mushrooms, my friends and I rent a house in the Netherlands for two weeks. We trip EVERY day, multiple times, until there is no “Bobby” left.

I decide to leave my old life behind. I sell everything and leave to Australia, and the journey continues over the globe – Bali, Thailand, Malysia, New Zealand, South America… I further explore psychedelics and traditions. Ayahuasca in the Amazon, temples in Thailand, mushrooms in Bali etc, simultaneously exploring diet in a plant based context, from vegan, to raw to fruit to fasting etc. Then, after four years strict vegan, my health fails again, and I finally, reluctantly, find my way to carnivory and more spectacular healing and recovery from vegan health issues and brainwashing.

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