“sometimes it’s not about being nice, it’s about destroying a few myths”

Contemporary Sufi speaker and teacher, Zahir Khan has a frank (and sometimes hilarious) conversation with Phil Escott about his journey to self-realisation. Questioning definitions along the way, he shares his opinions on the origin of Western ideas of Vegetarianism in spirituality, established teachers, his approach to the talks and workshops that he leads.

Zahir Khan, author of the book “Falling into the Mystery”, the story of the end of his seeking. He is seen as a contemporary mystic in the tradition of Sufism, having spent eight years studying at the feet of a master of the Qadriyya school of Sufism and then further studying and meeting teachers from the nondual, Advaita and Buddhist traditions. He now holds talks and meetings internationally to present his wisdom in a lightearted and unconventional way, avoiding much of the dogma and pitfalls of modern spirituality.


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