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About Pure Activity.

This was a book I wrote while I was running a gym back in the 90s. It was inspired by Dr. John Douillard’s work in the field of exercise and Ayurveda. I also included advice on weight training and diet, based on my experiences as a personal trainer and the abbreviated training routines made popular by Stuart McRobert in his Hardgainer magazine, which I used to write for. I have recently updated it considerably to include paleo theories, so important in my own healing and which correspond so well to Ayurvedic principles, and certain advice I wish I’d had that might have kept me from getting ill. With this book and our links page, you will have all you need to get healthy and conditioned and stay there easily.

Pure Activity is all about making the experience of the often boring and unpleasant tasks of exercise and correct eating far more smooth and fulfilling, and above all revealing the secrets of how YOU can develop your intuition to know what’s best for you in all areas of health, at any particular time. In the book you will learn how certain foods affect the body – not any old body, but YOUR body. Discover how the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda has categorised body types for many centuries, and when you identify your own body type, you will be able to understand exactly how each food affects your own unique physiology, giving you a system to keep your body in perfect health through all the changes of circumstance and seasons that life throws at us.

This is not a diet book, but a way to educate you to listen to your body and eat the best food for YOU at any given time – something no orthodox off-the-shelf diet plan could ever do. Some foods are good at some times, but not others, and this is the key – there is no ‘right and wrong’, but ‘balance and imbalance’, and this book will show you how to finally understand what is needed to have you enjoying the healthiest and most balanced body you could ever dream of.

On the exercise side, the aim is very similar – to give you a system, applicable to all sports and exercise, offering you the understanding and knowledge to create the exact routine that your body needs, all the while practising ancient techniques that turn the usual grind of exercise into a blissful, joyful and empowering experience. This will allow you to attain your best ever performance with minimal impact on the body’s systems, keeping you active for your whole life.

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