How do we pick the best exercise routine? The answer is that we need to develop our intuition about our own bodies and become experts on ourselves, which is not as hard as it seems… Here’s how you can do it…

What most exercise and fitness experts fail to stress is that we each have unique needs, so what’s good for one person may not be so beneficial for the next. Every time somebody fitness guru comes up with the very best new wonder routine, there are also just as many other experts who disagree. Actually, it might very well be the ultimate exercise plan for somebody, somewhere, at this precise moment in their training life, just as long as they can use their intuition to recognise it!

Very few people know how to pick an exercise routine that’s good for their health at any particular time, so when they do come across something that works, usually just by chance, they think it’s the ultimate routine and stick with it blindly. Unfortunately, even the best routine can sometimes cease to be effective, and this can be very discouraging until we understand that no exercise plan can be perfect for anyone forever. The body’s needs change with all sorts of factors –seasonal changes, fitness levels, stress levels, bodily imbalances, age… The list goes on.

Isn’t it already hard enough to decide which exercise plan to use without there being a big chance that it will become useless in time? Well, at first this might seem daunting, but there is one great answer…


Ayurveda is a branch of the ancient Vedas, the Indian systems of knowledge. It has been around for thousands of years and offers a unique system of classification, called the three ‘doshas’, which covers not only exercise, but diet and many other areas. These three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha, cover everything from body types to food types to the seasons themselves. Once understood, even in basic form, so much of the mystery of exercise is removed, and your intuition will grow about what’s best for you at any given time.

With your newfound intuition you will be able pick and choose from any exercise routine, sure in the knowledge of why any one of them might be appropriate for you at any particular time. Once you know your exact body type from the vata/pitta/kapha model, you can instinctively tailor your exercise plan to suit your unique needs.

Add to this the amazing Three-Phase Workout (applicable to any sport/routine), a term coined by Dr John Douillard, which uses yogic breathing techniques to not only make exercise more enjoyable and effortless, but to increase your performance tremendously, whether you exercise gently for general health, or you are a professional athlete, or anything in between.

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Originally posted 2014-02-09 14:36:48.