Below are my top twenty lies that keep people ill, depressed, lacking intuition and falling well short of their potential… but first…

Who exactly am I? Why do I bother to post about all this health related stuff? This is the question I asked myself as I wrote one of my controversial long replies to a friend’s post last night… I didn’t need to write it; in fact life would probably be slightly easier if I hadn’t. How has life brought me to the point where I care so much?

Most of my life I’ve just been a hippy with a deep mistrust of authority – not because I had any real knowledge that authority figures were wrong, but just because they threatened my easy, rebellious lifestyle. I’ve never had a nine-to-five. I’ve always found a way around it – some creative, some downright selfish. The man in the suit represented slavery to me. I wanted no part of the system, but I didn’t really understand why. I thought the suits (and white coats for that matter) were probably responsible grown-ups who knew more than me and were far wiser. I just wanted an easy life, playing drums, riding motorcycles, fishing, travelling and chasing women.

I have always hated bullshit though. At school if I ever got accused of something and I’d done it, I’d own up. If I (or anyone else) was wrongly accused though, the sense of injustice was crippling. Why couldn’t people see the truth?

In the course of being far more stupid than most, I got sicker than most. I hated the idea of submitting to medical authority, which is probably why I rebelled against their useless meds faster than most and went my own way. Monstrous levels of research and self-experimentation uncovered a shocking amount of bullshit around health matters.

Do I care if people eat or behave unhealthily? No, not as long as it’s their choice. I have smoked the odd cigarette this past year at gigs or when fishing after giving up in 2011. I have drunk far too much red wine too, after being teetotal for most of my life. I occasionally give in to a chocolate binge. THE DIFFERENCE IS I KNOW THESE THINGS ARE BAD. I can get away with the odd slip-up, as can everyone, if we have the correct information about what’s safe and what isn’t and do most other things right. Our livers are resilient to a few mistakes.

I don’t give a toss if anyone eats wholemeal bread with low fat spread or goes vegan as long as they have the real info – go ahead and rebel! What really fucks me off is that authority figures in suits and white coats (and robes and beads) tell people these things are healthy, so people who really want/desperately need to make changes have little chance of success, pushing them back into the hands of the drug companies, who I believe are the only real criminals in this. Those people controlling things aren’t the grown-ups I thought they were – it’s all fuelled by the desire to hoodwink people for financial gain. The emperor has no clothes – the Wizard of Oz doesn’t exist.

Remember healers burned as witches? Remember when the Earth was flat and people were jailed for saying otherwise? Remember when North Koreans believed Kim Jong Un was a god? (Oh, hang on…). History is full of mass brainwashing. History repeats itself. Yes, we are as stupid as we used to be, and it takes a lot of digging… and maybe a nasty disease… to see what eventually becomes blatantly obvious.

Often I’m seen as being against doctors, but nothing makes my heart sing like docs who are brave enough to shout about all this too, docs like Jack Kruse, Natasha Campbell McBride, Joanne McCormack, David Unwin, Rangan Chatterjee, Aseem Malhotra, Peter Osborne and many, many more. I get a lump in my throat when I hear these courageous, forward thinking souls speak, and they are my heroes, risking more than I do by coming forward. I know people will listen to them more than they will to an idiot like me, even though little of the useful info they gathered came from medical school – they researched privately just like I did.

As the famous quote says, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

So, I will carry on with my own little voice despite daily criticism and even the risk of losing friends until the following list of my all-time favourite steaming lumps of bullshit are named and shamed. Then it will be a massive relief to be able to shut up and go back to my selfish life of playing drums, riding motorcycles, fishing and travelling… But at least there’s no need to go chasing women anymore. I’ve found the ideal one…

  1. That’s impossible.
  2. Wholegrains are healthy.
  3. Saturated fat makes you fat and causes high cholesterol.
  4. High cholesterol causes heart disease.
  5. Red meat is carcinogenic.
  6. Diet has no bearing on chronic disease and mental health.
  7. Eat a low fat diet and do cardio exercise to lose weight.
  8. Your chronic disease is incurable – you need to take meds.
  9. A vegan diet is better for the planet.
  10. Everything in moderation.
  11. That’s not scientific so it must be woo woo.
  12. The sun is dangerous and sunscreen prevents skin cancer.
  13. Mobile phones are safe.
  14. WiFi is safe.
  15. Vaccines are (always) safe
  16. Get a good job and save up – following your dreams is unreliable.
  17. Everything will be okay when… (insert trivial material desire here).
  18. There is an external god that watches over you/is merciful/is jealous.
  19. My god is better than your god.
  20. I am an individual entity and all this other stuff I experience is outside me.




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