Lower back problems and sciatica are some of the most common reasons people suffer with chronic pain and have to limit their lifestyles and even stay off work. If you are one of those for whom this is a recurring nightmare, and you spend fortunes on painkillers and expensive trips to the chiropractor, wouldn’t you like to discover how to take control of this condition yourself and stay pain free while saving all that money you spend patching up the symptoms and not getting to the root cause? A system of gentle exercises called Somatic Movement Education might just be what you need…

There are many causes of lumbar and sacroiliac pain. Trauma is perhaps the most obvious, when an old injury that hasn’t healed keeps niggling and flaring up. Lack of exercise is of course another very common factor these days, as is bad posture and sensory motor amnesia, which is when habitual patterns of neuromuscular tension cause imbalances by pulling the muscles out of alignment, thus affecting the spinal column.

Not so obvious maybe are the problems that legs of a slightly uneven length can cause, and it’s surprising how many people have this condition without knowing it. Also these days a common factor can be the time we spend driving, which causes a lot of people to complain of sacroiliac pain from a rotated right ilium from constantly pressing the accelerator pedal. Hypermobility of the affected joints can also cause problems.

Dehydration is also a big factor in all joint problems, as cartilage and discs find it hard to repair themselves without enough water available in the body. So, drink two to three litres of good clean water every day and give your body the chance to repair itself! Somatic Movement also enables better function between the joints, which helps greatly in the body’s efforts to hydrate that specific area.

So, how does Somatic Movement Education go about rebalancing the lower back?

Well, a system of very gentle and enjoyable exercises, performed with awareness and ease can effectively unlock the holding patterns in the muscles, releasing the spine and sacroiliac joints to function as they should, leaving you pain free. These simple exercises, once learned, are a gift for life allowing you to recognise problems and their causes, and self treat them at home for free!

The practice of Somatic Movement Education is cumulative, and if performed regularly, you will see very good results after about four days, and be clear of the holding patterns after about two weeks. If regular maintenance practice is continued, you should then keep the new mobility and be pain free for life!

To find out more, see Brian Ingle’s Hanna Somatics video download.


Originally posted 2014-02-09 13:50:04.