You know how it is – you’ve had a great day, or even a bad one; you’ve done your workout in the morning and eaten well, you’ve had a full day, the kids are finally in bed, and then when it comes time to chill out in the evening, all you want to do is flop in front of the TV and do nothing. But curling up in a bad position on soft furnishings only exaggerates the imbalances of the day, and then, when we go to bed with the knots still there in the muscles and joints, the discomfort wakes us up in the early hours and our night’s sleep is ruined, which of course carries over into the next day, and so on…

Somatic Movement is the answer to our prayers as far as this is concerned, offering a wonderfully gentle and relaxed way to unlock the stresses of the day. For all its gentleness though, it’s a tremendously powerful technique, which can get deep down into the physiology to rebalance the system and keep you pain-free for a lifetime.

If you can just do a little Somatics routine, covering the areas you feel are stressed and tense before you go to bed, it’s like an insurance policy to make sure you sleep well and the body has a chance to heal. Even if you can just lie on the floor for fifteen minutes while you watch that film and get some of the movements done, it will help immeasurably!

Now, I know my great friend and Hanna Somatics Movement Educator, Brian Ingle would probably not completely approve of Somatics in front of the TV, and to an extent I agree. One of the main principles of Somatics is the awareness of movement and the feelings in the body, which will be somewhat lessened if half your attention is on a movie, but once you know the routines from more focused practice at other times, it’s better than nothing, and certainly better than going to bed without ironing out the kinks.

So, however you trick yourself into doing it, don’t be lazy, and remember – Somatics before bed!

Find out more about Hanna Somatics with Brian’s Somatic Movement video download, or my article on other factors involved in how to get a good night’s sleep.


Originally posted 2014-02-09 12:13:43.