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Eating A Varied Diet – The Commonly Forgotten Component Of Health

Eat a varied diet – we’ve all heard it a million times, but why exactly is it so important? Why shouldn’t we just stick with our favourite foods? Life would be so much simpler, shopping would be easier, and we wouldn’t have to become some kind of cookery expert. Well, at first maybe that would be the case, but eating the same foods over and over can result in all sorts of problems…

We all have certain foods that we crave above all others, and it’s very tempting to just grab onto the familiar every time we’re hungry. While we’re young and robust we can eat all sorts of rubbish and it often doesn’t seem to make much difference, but as we get older all those years of putting the wrong fuel in the tank can take its toll. The first and most obvious reason for eating a varied diet is getting all the nutrients you need. We all know that if you never eat fruits and vegetables, there will be something seriously lacking in your diet, but it’s not quite as simple as that. Hammering the same old foods into the system day in day out can also eventually create food sensitivities.

Food sensitivities are distinct from food allergies, which are when the body shows a dramatic and quick reaction to a certain food, such as people who go into anaphylactic shock from eating nuts. We’re not dealing with that here. Food sensitivities are altogether more subtle, and it can sometimes take many hours or even days after eating the offending food for any reaction to become apparent, which can make detecting them very complicated. Sometimes small reactions when young, such as a simple stuffed up and runny nose after eating a huge pizza, can give clues to the foods that can cause far worse reactions after years of ingesting them.

So why wait until you have created these imbalances? Some of them can lead to life threatening conditions such as diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis that can seriously damage your mobility and quality of life. It’s much easier to keep the body in balance than it is to rebalance it once there’s a serious problem. You might be in good health and think that it will never happen to you, but most of the people who now have dreadful health issues once thought the same…

So, how do we find what’s right for us if nothing seems to be causing any problems yet? Well, there are many ways to narrow it down. Firstly, and most simply, the foods you crave and eat the most are the most likely to cause you problems long-term, so rotate them! If you live on wheat and dairy for example, depending on your constitution, it’s extremely likely to take its toll at some point. Investigating paleo type diets can be very useful too, and by their nature they recommend local, seasonal foods, which will give you all the variation you need – the planet knows best!

To get even more specific, you just can’t beat knowing your Ayurvedic body type and learning the basics of how that body type reacts to certain foods, seasons, environmental changes, and so much more. This incredible ancient Indian system of self-healing is as comprehensive today as it was thousands of years ago, and a basic knowledge of it will put you well ahead of the game. So, be one of the rare wise ones and invest in your future by looking into these systems before you need them desperately. Nobody ever really appreciates good health until it’s gone… To find out more see my book, Pure Activity.

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