Are you struggling with your weight or do you have autoimmunity or any other lifestyle related disease such as autoimmunity or T2 diabetes? Or would you just like to stay healthy by fully understanding the general misconceptions about what makes us ill?

Because of my own history, I have a special interest in helping people overcome autoimmune conditions, and/or people who have been broken by long-term grain and sugar-based SAD or vegetarian diets, particularly those people of a “spiritual” nature who have gradually found that their inherited dogma and “healthy” diets have gradually resulted in significant health problems.

I’m also very interested in speaking at arthritis or diabetes support groups etc and doing Skype consultations with anyone who wants to find their way out of the mire of pharmaceutical “cures” that do more harm than good and find their way back to vibrant health. You are probably wondering why you would think of having personal training or consultations from me, among other questions. Well, ask away…

What Clients Are Saying:

“It was really great meeting and working with Phil – what a life changer!” – Wayne C.

“Thank you so much Phil! This is really a major breakthrough for me and my health, and I am so grateful to have heard your story and for the time you’ve taken to guide me in this.” – Katie C.

“The final straw, for me, was a meeting with a surgeon who wanted to remove a section of my bowel. I stood up, walked out, and told him he would never see me again. One meeting with Phil and a brand-new plan later and I am cured.” – Dave L.

“After our consultation, I felt such an immediate shift in my energy. I’m hopeful again, and totally confident in this path. Thank you so much for that.” – KG.

I reversed the “incurable” and got into the best shape of my life, so you can stay healthy/regain your health too.

Discover the secrets of our modern lifestyles that really make us sick.

There is actually only one dis-ease that humans suffer from – mitochondrial dysfunction – and it manifests in many ways. All we need to do is identify the things in our life that are confusing the mitochodria, then the body can heal itself. Subtracting negative stressors is always more powerful than adding pills and supplements.

Healing needn’t break the bank.