“It was really great meeting and working with Phil – what a life changer!” – Wayne C.

“Thank you so much Phil! This is really a major breakthrough for me and my health, and I am so grateful to have heard your story and for the time you’ve taken to guide me in this.” – Katie C.

“The final straw, for me, was a meeting with a surgeon who wanted to remove a section of my bowel. I stood up, walked out, and told him he would never see me again. One meeting with Phil and a brand-new plan later and I am cured.” – Dave L.

“After our consultation, I felt such an immediate shift in my energy. I’m hopeful again, and totally confident in this path. Thank you so much for that.” – KG.



I reversed the “incurable” and got into the best shape of my life, so you can stay healthy/regain your health too. Discover the secrets of our modern lifestyles that really make us sick.

There is actually only one dis-ease that humans suffer from – mitochondrial dysfunction – and it manifests in many ways. All we need to do is identify the things in our life that are confusing the mitochodria, then the body can heal itself. Subtracting negative stressors is always more powerful than adding pills and supplements. Healing needn’t break the bank. Check out my video below about my consults…

Some of the areas covered include…

  • Carnivore/ketogenic nutrition planning
  • Vegan damage recovery support
  • Effective exercise
  • Artificial light awareness
  • Electromagnetic field minimisation
  • Mitochondrial health
  • Sleep optimisation
  • Weight loss and muscle building
  • Chronic lifestyle disease tips
  • Cold thermogenesis
  • Stress reduction
  • Emotional/spiritual health

Zoom Sessions

I charge £195 for initial Zoom consultations per session. This includes free access to my 30-video “Autoimmunity – The Subtraction Method” online course, usually $99 (which is effective for any chronic condition too)… plus a free copy of my “Starting Carnivory FAQs” e-book AND my Kindle bestseller, “Arthritis, the best thing that ever happened to me”… Go to my “shop” page for details of the e-book, and check out the course testimonials and details here..

Subsequent consults are £145.

Three consult deal – £400.

It’s impossible to put an exact time limit on consults, because everyone’s needs are different, but they generally run between an hour and an hour and a half. You won’t need many before you know what to do, and after that you can always email me with follow-up questions for free.

Say for example you had three consultations… you would end up knowing pretty much all you need to know, with comprehensive details about further research, and you will always have access to me via email.

Compare this to the cost and efficacy of your doctor.
Can you afford not to?

Please pay via the PayPal address below in advance and contact me with an email to explain how I can help, and we will arrange a day and time for a Zoom call…Please choose “friends and family” at payment if you don’t mind, as PayPal are charging big chunks of commission these days if not.

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Helping people to reverse disease and/or get into the best shape of their lives is my absolute passion. Let’s face it; the doctors can do very little for chronic disease, and standard weight loss protocols/slimming clubs do very little for teaching you about the root of health.

As respected neurosurgeon and visionary, Dr. Jack Kruse who did the foreword to one of my books said at the 2016 Biohacking Conference in London when we presented together:

“Almost everything I learned about chronic disease at medical school was complete rubbish.”

I have been fascinated with health, fitness and emotional/spiritual wellbeing my whole life. After spending many years immersed in yoga and meditation, I became more focused on physical exercise, especially weight training, and I owned and ran a gym and became a personal trainer in the 90s. I wrote for many magazines and also wrote my first book.

But even these decades of study didn’t stop me getting agonisingly ill with psoriatic arthritis in 2010 after a decade of warning signs.

From that point on, I spent tens of thousands of pounds and many hours per day in research and experimentation for years until I got well again, taking many wrong turns. Those true nuggets of magical information are often hard to dig up, as are all truly precious jewels, and you have to wade through a lot of misinformation on the way.

Now I believe I have access to some of the very best information and techniques to help you avoid the same mistakes, heartbreak and financial crises that I went through.

I am also always learning, and I have found sources of information that are light years ahead of the mainstream, which I will always keep abreast of and bring to you.

As you can see from the testimonials, I have helped many people to do the same as I did.

I am also the author of Kindle bestsellerArthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me”, and the mostly five-star Amazon reviews speak for themselves.

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No, nobody can… But the good news is that your body can heal itself. All you have to do is get out of the way, subtract all the stresses, and the body has its own healing systems that will come into play. The body is designed to be well. Give it a chance.

I sell no pills, powders or gimmicks… My expertise lies purely in helping you to identify as fast as possible all the stresses that are making you sick, some of which may surprise you, and very few doctors address any of them.

These stressors are always in one or more of the following areas: diet, hydration, circadian biology, environmental toxins and EMFs and emotional/spiritual issues. Get all these covered, and the body usually resets itself. Once you learn how to do this, you have perhaps the most important knowledge possible, and you can be your own doctor.

It’s an exciting journey, which for me has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I can’t wait to set you on your own path to vibrant health and happiness.


No problem. Delve into the site here where you will find a wealth of my blog posts, video and audio interviews via the YouTube link and of course my books, which are available in via the links in the sidebar to the right. If all that intrigues you, I’ll be delighted to hear from you at a later date.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Phil Escott.

The following are just some of the testimonials and success stories that I received. I have heard this kind of thing time and time again from people who I have shared this knowledge with over recent years. It is so fulfilling to see the joy that allowing the body to heal itself brings… 

“I was diagnosed with PsA 10 years ago. Ten years of flares, chronic pain (ranging from high to low level, but constant), chronic fatigue, brain fog and battling with weight. Then Phil Escott came into my life, I read his book and I embarked on a scary at first journey of big diet trials and changes. Phil taught me to listen to my body and to ignore popular advice, as quite obviously was not working for me. I eliminated carbs and sugars, all except fruit. Straight away I felt much better. A big leap in the right direction but not enough. I then eliminated fruit. Inflammation, fatigue, brain fog… all gone. I felt I had been poisoning myself. IBS was raging, so I eliminated vegetables. IBS gone. First time in years! I don’t have to pace myself, I have tons of energy. No more ‘not now’ from me. Oh! And I’ve lost 15kg eating until I’m full foods I salivate just to think of 🙂 I’m not as easy to live with, but I’m more fun – M. O. 

“Ok then, the shorthand version:
Twenty-five years of chronic acid reflux that grew so bad that I had to sleep propped up on pillows a lot of the time.
Three cameras down my throat, two CAT scans and a biopsy all amounted to a zero cure.
Last year I was rushed into hospital twice with unknown gut pains which eventually got diagnosed as diverticular (bowel) disease.
Both are gut related and probably linked.
I had a camera shoved up where a camera really shouldn’t go and was very far out of my comfort zone with a bleak looking future.
The final straw, for me, was a meeting with a surgeon who wanted to remove a section of my bowel, I stood up, walked out, and told him he would never see me again.
One meeting with Phil and a brand-new plan later and I am cured.
I did explain to Phil from the start that I am not a ‘team player’ and I wasn’t interested in groups or being part of a ‘new religion’ I just wanted to be better, so even writing this now is a testament to how impressed I am.
After three months on a very strict HFLC diet with all the added live foods and Dr Mercola pro-biotics all symptoms of the diverticulitis had disappeared, I had lost two stone in body fat (not that I had much to lose) and, as a proper bonus, my acid reflux had disappeared completely.
I am now about six months in, I have dropped the supplements and added one day a week as a potato day because I can now tell instantly how my body reacts to food and wanted to stabilise my weight.
I have also swapped cow’s milk for almond milk as it made me feel sickly.
I do not miss carbs at all, for me it was just cutting out the ‘fillers’ and eating more of the best bits.
I eat more than I ever have and love every minute of it, no bloating, no acid, better sleep patterns and loads of meat, cheese and fried food; what’s not to like?”  – Dave L.

I’ve been reading and listening and educating myself and finding my way, the main motivator being how much stronger and less inflamed I feel already! People keep telling me how much better I look and have I lost weight etc. The pain in my joints is dramatically reduced and I can feel my strength coming back in my yoga practice. For the first time in months I was able to get up into a full wheel this week (my wrists just wouldn’t take the weight since the virus hit me). This was really joyous for me! I’ve done a lot of chiropractic and massage as well as everything else to try to deal with Chikungunya virus and subsequent inflammation etc. I went for a massage last week and a chiropractic attunement today and both my chiropractor and massage therapist commented on how much the inflammation had gone down in my spine and joints! I feel like my body has responded so fast and so well that I must be on the right track! I’m feeling more hopeful that I can find my way (having also watched a bunch of people talking about vegan paleo which I know sounds insane), but for me I am realizing that the main thing was to get the inflammatory foods out of my diet and adding fish, eggs for more protein and fat feels more doable and I feel more trust in myself and life to guide me. I won’t ever go back to a diet so heavily based on grains and legumes. Thank you so much, Phil! This is really a major breakthrough for me and my health, and I am so grateful to have heard your story and for the time you’ve taken to guide me in this. Sorry to be so long winded, but I wanted to share my joy!” – Katie C.

“I have gradually changed my diet since we spoke… it’s a good journey. I have more or less given up grains. LOVING the broths and big chunks of fatty red meat! It certainly feels good to eat more fat… which brings me to what I am finding… It feels like I am starting to be able to tell how my digestive system / body “feels” about what I dump in it, and I get a pretty immediate energy response. This seems to be the way, as it ends the confusion that is inevitable with so many different and often contradictory ways and means to health. One thing I’ve noticed is how much I am enjoying food. The loss of appetite is changing to healthy enjoyment. I had bacon, tomatoes and avocado the other day – OMG, absolutely scrumptious!” – Nick W.

“It was really great meeting and working with Phil – what a life changer! I was feeling tired all the time, bloated and feeling that my body was slowing down and worn out. I was getting old, and I’m only 51. Phil suggested some changes to my diet and put me on a plan, and after a few weeks it all turned around. I even lost over a stone in weight in ten days without even trying to. My energy increased, my focus and attention increased, and I actually feel normal again, or rather like when you’re a kid and you just feel OK and ready to go… (although I have to say, I seem to have more energy than my own kids!). My wife is also now involved and is about to start a special plan to help her with her immune system, which has been systematically depleted by repeated antibiotic prescriptions and poor diet. Phil has recommended the GAPS diet for her, and after researching some links from Phil and preparing, she is looking forward to beginning it over the next few weeks. It’s amazing how the knowledge and understanding provided by Phil has transformed the way we look at food and how we shop. Nothing overcomplicated – simpler in fact – and I actually enjoy everything I eat and don’t miss anything from my old diet… I feel great! No fuzziness, tiredness, bloating or lethargy. Concentration is increasing. I think one of the main things is that I’m actually enjoying cooking now and tasting things, so everyone in the family gets the benefit. Even the kids are into the understanding and feeling positive more often. On the spiritual side, the awareness is easier to maintain, or rather it’s more upfront than behind, probably due to the extra energies moving. I can tune in strongly and remain while active at other things… It’s always a difficult explanation, but I know you know what I mean.” – Wayne C.

 “When I look back at the last few years it is interesting to note that along with a series of apparent ‘awakenings’ I experienced a great deal of physical upheaval and changes. It began to dawn on me that these awakenings were going on on every level, very much including the physical level. There was much sickness, and the body was shouting louder and louder – I needed to listen! Phil was somehow a catalyst for me to listen to my body. What made the difference for me was that this was not yet another “health kick”; it was not coming from a purely physical self-improvement motive, and nothing was being promoted! I only listened to Phil because there is a resonance… not because I was looking for some ‘solution’ to a health problem. I just had these words pop into my head: “Step aside you dimwit! God wishes to heal himself!” ME always wants to fix it, and there’s the beauty – the body is the absolute master of fixing itself! That’s what it does!” – Nick W.

“Phil has been most enthusiastic and knowledgeable in supporting me to try a whole new inflammation-reduction diet. I have asthma/eczema/bronchiectasis and a likely candida infestation. Phil has really helped me fast track to a diet that will starve any nasty pathogens out of my body. I am still in the early stages of experimenting with this, but so far breathing has improved, and as a bonus I also feel more streamlined and brighter in my spirits. Phil’s website also highlighted the Blublocker glasses, which I really like for the computer work I do. Phil has introduced me to some well-informed alternative health networks that I knew were out there but was floundering to find on my own. I recommend if you are struggling with the mainstream NHS system and suspicious that Big Pharma drugs are not quite the ticket that you talk with Phil” – Sarah W.

 “I have been a strict vegetarian for close to 18 years. For the past 15 years I had quite sensitive (itchy) skin and was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, which means – one treatment option – some cream (which I never bother to use) and no cure. For the past year my body has been craving for fish and meat, and on a few occasions I could not resist the temptation. (And yes, I felt guilty about falling off the vegetarian wagon!). Also, for the past year the irritation of the skin increased quite a bit, and in addition to that, my joints start hurting to the degree that I felt like a 90-year-old lady instead of being 50 – no energy, no mobility, no fun! Accidentally I heard Phil telling his “arthritis story” on BATGP. His story somehow resonated with me. I immediately wrote to him and had a Skype consultation. Well, it’s working for sure! The “magic pot” makes fresh food every day. Eating meat (chicken and organs/beef/pork at this stage/fish/eggs and some veggies mostly). Skin irritation is gone. Joints are happy too. Energy is high, and I even forgot about the need of napping. Also, the food tastes really goooood and feels very fulfilling! Sometimes I still slip into my homemade ice-cream, but the body’s reaction to sugar is quite unpleasantly fast and strong. I have no doubt that naturally the craving is finding its way out. Really happy, happy about everything!!” – V. Z.

“I first saw Phil Escott on the net being interviewed by Rick Archer. I was impressed with his forthright attitude. He spoke about his health and about “enlightenment.” I listened attentively and understood his spiritual path to be an ongoing process of the recognition of the power that inhabits our hearts and minds, and yes, our bodies. Phil has strengthened not only this recognition, but as a consequence, has also successfully strengthened his body. The low carb, high fat version of the paleo diet has been a prime source for his recovery from a lifetime of inappropriate eating habits, which we are all subject to. He surmounted this difficulty, and has generously shared with me all the valuable information that was needed to bring him to success. Presently he is my main source. I am deeply indebted to him for his presence in my life at this time.” – Joan F.

 Basically the main diet changes have been: no spuds or bread (made with grains). This is the biggest change, as I was previously eating quite a lot of these. Big increase in red meat and fat, increase in veg, some sauerkraut almost every day. Smoking, tea and coffee addiction continues, but using only organic cream and raw honey instead of raw sugar and milk. No heartburn and no chemical tablets taken since a few days before we Skyped, and I feel much better – more energy, no nausea, which was happening quite a bit,and no sign of those weird passing out turns. So it seems it was most auspicious I chanced upon you at a perfect time and some things just fell into place with very little effort. Oh yes, as I said, I have been enjoying food and eating, even organising making the food (which has been a big problem) has become much more doable and enjoyable. So thank you so much, dear Phil… Lots of love here!!” – Nick W.