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Why Diet Isn’t Enough – The Five Big Triggers For Disease And What To Do About Them.

Here are the five main triggers for disease and what to do about them… Having an autoimmune condition, or any other modern so-called “incurable” disease can seem like an insurmountable puzzle. You do every detox in the book, every diet tweak, every anti-inflammatory herb and potion and it’s still ticking away. There’s no wonder that […]

Should We Eat Meat? It’s Not So Simple. Here Are Several Things You Might Not Have Considered.

So, the debate rages on. Are we vegetarian? Are we carnivores? Are we omnivores? There are so many grey areas and subtleties we need to look at before we can make such a decision. When I was vegetarian I really thought it was just a question of whether to eat meat or not to eat […]

So You’ve Discovered All This Wonderful Stuff, And Now It’s Time To Tell Your Friends… Or Is It…?

  So You’ve Discovered All This Wonderful Stuff, And Now It’s Time To Tell Your Friends… Or Is It…? The other day an old friend of mine shared with me on Facebook the above picture borrowed from the “I Fucking Love Science” page with the caption, “One for you on so many levels…” Yes, okay, […]

Hypochondriac? You’re On The Right Path; You’re Just Facing The Wrong Way.

I spent most of my life as a terrible hypochondriac. I always used to promise myself that one day I’d learn to ignore these “imaginary” symptoms, stop being so stupid and realise that there’s nothing wrong with me… However, there were two things wrong with that theory: 1. There was something wrong with me, and […]

Dreaming And Healing, Dreaming And “Waking”…

When we’re on a healing journey of any sort, the tendency can be to look outside ourselves for the answers. We run around from doctor to doctor; we sit and trawl the Internet for hours a day and worst of all, we panic and worry. What would serve us far better is to develop our […]

I’ve Got A Dirty Mind… And At Last, I Love It!

I decided to write this article after my long-suffering girlfriend Detta gave me one of her looks – a smile of half amusement and half bewilderment on her face as she shook her head after I mentioned genitalia for the umpteenth time today. Now, fortunately I’m quite creative and witty about the subject or I’m […]