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What Actually Causes Autoimmunity?

If you are familiar with the medical view involving confusing theories relating to T cells, cytokine storms, dodgy HLA genes, unexplained flare-ups and total denial that diet and lifestyle (and much less emotional issues) can have any beneficial effect, you would be forgiven for giving up hope of finding what actually causes autoimmunity. You might […]

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Doctor

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Doctor. Many people think I’m against conventional doctors. When you know that almost every medical procedure (most of which were unnecessary) that I’ve ever had as a child or as an adult have gone wrong, that endocrinologists never spotted the possible onset of my arthritis ten years […]

Misconceptions About Enlightenment Or “Waking Up”.

Misconceptions About Enlightenment Or “Waking Up”. If you think that enlightenment, or “waking up” is an impossible dream that only “happens to” Indian saints or yogis, preferably long dead ones, after many lifetimes of rigorous spiritual practice, or that it is a state where the character is perfected and the “lucky one” rests in a […]

How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep.

How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep.

So many people these days have trouble sleeping. Yet again, it’s a matter of finding the disconnects that modern life has brought about and filling the gaps, so here is my guide for how to get a better night’s sleep. Please don’t ignore the parts that deal with artificial light and EMFs. Because they haven’t […]

Why Diet Isn’t Enough – The Five Big Triggers For Disease And What To Do About Them.

Here are the five main triggers for disease and what to do about them… Having an autoimmune condition, or any other modern so-called “incurable” disease can seem like an insurmountable puzzle. You do every detox in the book, every diet tweak, every anti-inflammatory herb and potion and it’s still ticking away. There’s no wonder that […]

Should We Eat Meat? It’s Not So Simple. Here Are Several Things You Might Not Have Considered.

So, the debate rages on. Are we vegetarian? Are we carnivores? Are we omnivores? There are so many grey areas and subtleties we need to look at before we can make such a decision. When I was vegetarian I really thought it was just a question of whether to eat meat or not to eat […]