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Iodine and Fibrocystic Breast Syndrome

Fibrocystic breast syndrome is so common in menstruating women that it is often not considered an illness at all, just a natural part of the female hormonal cycle. Typically becoming most acute just prior to menses, it can become an extremely distressing and debilitating condition. Since hitting puberty I have had an ongoing problem with severe […]

Lower Your Heart Rate to Reduce the Impact of Cardio Workouts

As enjoyable and invigorating as a good cardio workout can be, it’s often much longer than sprint training or weight training, and they can take their toll on the system, especially for such athletes as long-distance runners and cyclists. However, it’s not just the professional athletes who can benefit from reducing the impact on the […]

How to turn illness into a blessing

Normally the articles I write are about how to prevent any imbalances in the body by following, among other things, Ayurvedic principles of diet and exercise. But what if you have already fallen foul of some unpleasant ailment – is it the end of the world? Quite often it can be just the opposite… A […]

Beating Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Five Tips for Success

Anxiety and panic attacks are far more common than people think, and millions of people from all walks of life suffer from them, sometimes without even getting diagnosed or putting a name to them. Not that this lack of diagnosis really matters, as regular treatments are not very effective, and classifying things in this way, […]

Picking The Best Exercise Routine With Help From Ayurveda.

How do we pick the best exercise routine? The answer is that we need to develop our intuition about our own bodies and become experts on ourselves, which is not as hard as it seems… Here’s how you can do it… What most exercise and fitness experts fail to stress is that we each have […]

Your Health And Ayurveda – See The Big Picture, Don’t Get Stuck In Details

These days with so much information available about every diet, every individual food, every additive and every form of exercise, it’s easy to become obsessed and end up a victim of information overload. To how do you separate the useful information from the irrelevant and find a path that resonates with what you really need? […]