Do you really need a warm-up for a yoga session? Isn’t yoga gentle enough on its own? If you need a little kickstart, how about just doing some sun salutes? The answers are, repectively… Maybe not, probably, and yes, often that’s enough… But haven’t you ever got a couple of postures into your routine and thought that something’s just a little sticky? Maybe there’s one little bit of your back that feels a tad locked, or the hips are just not as supple as usual. Well, if you have, somatic movement might just be the answer…

Somatic movement is so incredibly subtle that when I was first introduced to it, even though I had been a long-time yoga practitioner, I thought it was just a little bit too gentle. However, when I had actually tried out the exercises, my body felt so energized and alive, totally effortlessly, that I was forced to change my views.

I started to use somatics as a preparation for my daily yoga practice and found that I was experiencing a far deeper and subtler level in the asanas. This was not just from the fact that the body was well warmed up and the joints ‘lubricated’ before I even started, but because somatics itself relies on such a deep awareness of movement, which, although that is also encouraged in yoga practice, can often get lost as our asanas become so familiar that our attention drifts.

Somatics brings you back to the importance of breathing and awareness of every bodily sensation as you move, and this calms every aspect of the physiology so that by the time you get to your asanas, you are already deep into that experience.

I find that I think of somatics as a sort of finer sandpaper than the asanas, and with this it can also be useful to finish off after the your yoga practice. After all, these routines were all conceived to deepen our understanding of our own physiologies and expand our intuition, so each day you might spontaneously design some slightly different routine to unlock the stresses and strains of modern life, and adding somatics to your arsenal of techniques to choose from can only be a good thing.

So, however experienced you are at yoga, and however you choose to use somatics as part of your daily workout, I urge you to check out these wonderful techniques. Doing so can only deepen your practice! Good luck!

Find out more from Brian Ingle’s Hanna Somatics video download.


Originally posted 2014-02-09 12:21:43.