An Illusion of Maya

Illusion of Maya - Front Cover-proof 3


Jay and Maya had been lovers and soulmates for what seemed like forever. Their love had burned brightly for centuries, from the barren, windswept sand dunes of 15th Century Middle Eastern deserts to the bustling streets of modern day India, but their memories of those ancient lives were shrouded in the mists of time… only revealed fleetingly during their passionate lovemaking when they became one and a doorway opened to other incarnations.

Jay didn’t want to leave Maya, but he felt that he needed solitude to recover the memories and to find his own enlightenment, the only thing more important to him than her. He takes refuge in the strange and reclusive subculture of long session carp fishing on the beautiful green banks of English lakes where, in the dreaming body, he expands his consciousness and finds solutions to puzzles he didn’t even know existed…

Along the way he meets and telepathically connects with fascinating beings, human, animal and multi-dimensional, who all help to take him a little closer to his goal… the goal that was there all along if he could only be still and let it reveal itself.

Jay started to suspect that his own awakening was actually closely connected with Maya’s, but she had disappeared into the vastness of India, so how was he going to track her down? And what clues would he get from another beautiful, mysterious woman from their dim and distant pasts whose appearance throws his heart into a turmoil and sheds light on a shocking secret hidden for 500 years?





“An Illusion of Maya is an extraordinary tale well written by somebody who appears to know what he’s talking about. The result is a very engaging read.” – Paddy Webb in Carp-Talk.

“I had no sleep until the book was finished. The storyline is brilliant – not often do I read a book and can’t wait until I get to the next page. This book is highly recommended and has joined my top ten favourite books.” – Stuart Gillham.

“Captivating and enthralling; I couldn’t put it down. It took me on many pathways and journeys. It’s really thought provoking and beautifully written.” – Tony Cliff on Amazon.

“A really entertaining read. If you’re looking for something a little different then this is the book for you. Written by a writer rather than an angler, it is an easy and eloquent read. It really builds to a good ending.” – Anon – Freebird website.

“This is a beautiful and mystical book. I was taken to places I did not expect. I laughed and I openly wept! Never has any book had such an emotional effect on me.” – Anon – Freebird website.